American Airlines Has New Regional Jets That Are Missing Rows Of Seats

American Airlines has begun leasing new regional jets that don’t have as many seats as they used to. The move is meant to lure travelers who want more legroom and no-frills service, but it’s also straining the company’s finances.

American Airlines recently unveiled its new regional jets. The problem? They’re missing rows of seats, making the aircraft too narrow for some passengers to fit in comfortably. American has since released a statement saying that they will be addressing this issue by adding additional seats over time and improving the layout of other planes.

American Airlines has new regional jets that are missing rows of seats. The American Airlines Embraer 170 is a popular aircraft, but it’s missing rows of seats.

New Regional Jets from American Airlines are missing rows of seats.

on November 6, 2021 by Gary Leff

Customers of American Airlines may find themselves on a regional flight with seats missing in rows. The front of an American Eagle Embraer ERJ-175, registration N502SY, operated by SkyWest, may be seen here. This is a brand-new aircraft that was delivered in August 2021, and it’s one of ten Embraer E-175 regional planes that American is now operating.

Patrick Fallon/N502SY/N502SY/N502SY/N502SY/N

American Airlines claims that

In order to maintain our flying schedule and assure compliance with the conditions of our pilot contract, we’ve modified a limited number of regional aircraft operated by SkyWest. Some seats in both the First Class and regular cabins were temporarily removed as part of the upgrades. These upgraded planes are expected to fly until the summer of 2022.

The pilot scope provision in American’s charter agreement prohibits them to using regional planes with 66-76 seats for no more than 40% of their mainline narrowbody fleet. The Boeing 757 and Embraer E-190 fleets were retired, reducing the size of the mainline narrowbody fleet and restricting the number of regional planes with 66 seats or more. They will, however, introduce Airbus A321neos, A321XLRs, and Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to the fleet, easing some of the strain on larger-capacity regional flights.

According to the airline, these E-175 regional planes with fewer seats are exclusively utilized by SkyWest “as substitutes when CRJ-700s are unavailable.” This, they claim, “doesn’t create any scheduling difficulties on our end, and consumers aren’t harmed while flying on these planes.”

These aircraft aren’t clearly marked on schedules and are scheduled to fly in close proximity. As a result, when CR7s are replaced by these E-175s, seat allocations may be shifted.

American-Airlines-Has-New-Regional-Jets-That-Are-Missing-Rows Embraer ERJ-175 of American Airlines

American isn’t under any pressure to take huge regional planes and fill them with only 50 seats, as United is with the CRJ-550. Instead, they’re removing a few rows of seats, which I expect to be replaced as the mainline fleet grows.

United is limited to a total of 102 regional planes with 70 passengers and a total of 153 with 76 seats. Their limitations are comparable to those of Delta. American’s scope clause is more flexible, which they have used to their advantage, but they seem to have reached the limit of that flexibility.

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American Airlines has new regional jets that are missing rows of seats. The planes have been in service for a year now. Reference: american eagle fleet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats does a regional jet have?

A: There are 74 seats on a regional jet.

What are the average number of passenger seats for regional jets?

A: The average number of passenger seats for regional jets is between 130 and 150.

Is American Airlines seating people together?


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