Caribbean Cruise Port Welcomes First Cruise Ship Since Reopening

The first cruise ship to dock in the Caribbean since a major hurricane struck just weeks ago has docked at its destination, an island that was devastated by Hurricane Irma. The Carnival Dream welcomed guests from around the world as it began what will be a six-day voyage through Antigua and Barbuda on September 17th.

The “is cozumel port open for cruise ships” is a question that many travelers have been asking since the Caribbean Cruise Port in Cozumel, Mexico reopened.

The Nieuw Statendam, Holland America’s biggest cruise ship, landed at Port Royal on Thursday morning with 1,300 guests. Since Ocho Rios opened only weeks ago, the Jamaican Port Authority has been working hard to make all cruise ports operating by the end of the year.

The epidemic has wreaked havoc on the island’s tourist business, and the return of cruise ships like the Nieuw Statendam, which belongs to the Pinnacle class, would aid recovery efforts.

Kingston is being offered new opportunities.

Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, has long been overlooked as a cruise port of call. The bulk of cruise ship passengers arrive at ports like Ocho Rios. However, Port Royal, in particular, has much more to offer on its own. With the call from the Seattle-based Holland America Line cruise ship, local officials aim to show something.

Statendam at Port RoyalThe Jamaican Port Authority provided this image.

Kimberley Stiff, PAJ assistant vice president of marketing and communications:

“It will provide Port Royal, and by extension Kingston, the chance to display their sought-after history, culture, entertainment, and other distinctive attractions that set their cruise passenger experience apart from any other,” she said.

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The ship docked at Port Royal on November 25, a day after arriving in Jamaica for the first time on November 24 in Ocho Rios. Something that has been meticulously planned and prepared, particularly to protect everyone’s safety.

“The excitement is palpable over here in Port Royal, and just like it was in Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, and Falmouth, we want things to run as quickly and as efficiently as possible… with all health and safety regulations adhered to,” Ms. Stiff continued.

Statendem Cruise Passengers at Port RoyalThe Jamaican Port Authority provided this image.

The Year of Firsts

On November 21, the Nieuw Statendam left Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. She is now on a 7-day cruise that stops at Nassau and Half Moon Cay, the company’s award-winning private island, in addition to Port Royal and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

In 2021, the ship will be the sixth in the Holland America fleet to restart sailings. The 2666-passenger ship will be cruising the Caribbean until April 2022, with stops in Jamaica on voyages ranging from 7 to 11 days that will take passengers to the Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean.

Carnival Dream Docked in JamaicaDebbie Ann Powell / / / / /

The Nieuw Statendam will be the first cruise ship to dock in the Cayman Islands in December. The ship will have to comply with a comprehensive range of health and safety precautions devised to keep everyone safe on her journey, which departs at the end of September; nonetheless, she is the first and only cruise ship to gain approval thus far.

As all five cruise ports become operational in the next weeks, cruise ship traffic will increase even more in Jamaica. Carnival Corporation ships are expected to bring over 100 ships to the island, while Royal Caribbean has already hinted at stationing numerous Oasis-class ships in the country’s ports. Four of the six cruise ports are already operating, with the other two set to reopen in the near future.

Cruise Ship at Port Royal

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After a long period of time, the Caribbean Cruise Port has welcomed its first cruise ship since reopening. It is said that this will help bring more visitors to the island. Reference: us cruises.

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