Lifeguards on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Save a Guest

A guest fell from the deck of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and was rescued by lifeguards. The incident made headlines across the globe as it involved one of the most popular lines in America, with thousands witnessing this rare occurrence.

A guest on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship was in danger of drowning. The lifeguards were able to save him just in time.

On a hot and beautiful day in the Caribbean, everyone who has been aboard a big cruise ship knows how crowded the pool deck can be. As a result, Royal Caribbean and other cruise companies employ a highly educated and competent crew of lifeguards who are on duty 24 hours a day.

Aboard October 23, lifeguards on the Liberty of the Seas rescued the life of a visitor who had lost consciousness in the pool during a seven-night cruise.

Onboard the Liberty of the Seas, there are lifesavers.

Everything looked to be going smoothly when traveling the Western Caribbean aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship on October 23, 2021. One of the ship’s lifeguards on duty saw something drastically wrong while visitors were enjoying the ship and the pool deck. The on-duty lifeguard, Iketut Giartana, saw a visitor who had passed out in the pool.

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Several lifeguards, a nearby bartender, a worried visitor, and a lifeguard manager assisted in removing the guest from the pool and initiating life-saving efforts such as CPR and the use of a cardiac defibrillator.

In a race against time, the physicians might restart the heart and assist the patient recover consciousness. The cruise company recognized and commended the personnel who rescued the visitor in a post on the Starguard Elite Facebook page:

“We are really pleased of what our lifeguards have done and continue to do for our visitors. Our guarantee to our visitors is that we will do all possible to keep them safe and secure. Every minute aboard, our lifeguards – and the physicians with whom they work – keep this pledge. The squad received a standing ovation from guests who saw the spectacular rescue.”

“Dear lifeguards, please know that every staff throughout our fleet, brands, and beach side admires and respects your professionalism and competence. “MANY THANKS!”

The Royal Way NewsletterThe Newsletter of the Royal Way

Royal Caribbean prioritizes safety.

To protect the safety of all passengers, all lifeguards aboard Royal Caribbean ships go through intensive training programs. With hundreds, if not thousands, of children roaming about the numerous pools aboard Royal Caribbean ships, the occasional inebriated passenger, and medical situations like the one that occurred onboard the Liberty of the Seas, it’s encouraging to see the cruise line prioritizing safety.

Starguard Top, an aquatic risk prevention firm with elite training, certification, and consultation programs for lifeguards, management, attraction attendants, and more, trains the lifeguards.

Navigator of the Seas Open DeckRoyal Caribbean provided this image.

The event aboard the Liberty of the Seas also reveals a lot about the other crew members’ training. Most crew members must complete an STCW training program before working aboard. STCW stands for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping.

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This international treaty assures that all nations in the globe have the same level of training, which covers basic medical first aid, CPR, firefighting, and what to do in an emergency aboard.

Cruise companies have come a long way since the days when financial gain was prioritized before safety. Nowadays, you can be confident that every cruise line in the world prioritizes training, safety, and security, as shown by the wonderful staff of the Liberty of the Seas.

After resuming operation on October 3, 2021, the ship is now operating out of the Port of Galveston in Texas. The ship offers seven-night trips in the Western Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean Lifeguards

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The “liberty of the seas stateroom pictures” is a story about a man who was saved by lifeguards on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The man’s wife had passed away and he wanted to take a cruise in order to get his mind off of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the code for death on a cruise ship?

A: The code for death on a cruise ship is 000.

Do cruise ships hire lifeguards?

A: Every cruise ship hires lifeguards to provide an emergency response if a person cant move on their own.

Does Royal Caribbean have lifeguards?

A: Royal Caribbean does not have lifeguards.

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