Southwest Will Start Serving Cocktail Mixers On Board, Without The Alcohol

Southwest will start serving cocktail mixers on board, without the alcohol. This is a move to keep passengers safe and prevent incidents like last year’s when a man was arrested for pouring vodka into his bag of chips.

The does southwest serve drinks during covid is a question about whether or not the airline will start serving alcoholic beverages on board.

Southwest will begin serving non-alcoholic cocktail mixers on board.

on September 13, 2021 by Gary Leff

Southwest Airlines does not allow alcohol on its aircraft. Alcohol will not be served in coach on American Airlines. The reintroduction of alcohol has been postponed by both airlines until the federal transportation mask requirement is lifted. The FAA has received reports of three-quarters of in-flight passenger incidents using masks, but they are obviously not caused by alcohol since those airlines do not provide it on board. Although American Airlines has gone a step farther by attempting to prohibit the selling of alcohol “to go” at airports.

Southwest Airlines has informed workers that it would not be bringing back alcohol this year due to the prolongation of the mask requirement until January 2022.


In the letter, Randall Miller, senior manager of inflight operations, initiatives, and design, said, “With the mask requirement being extended to January 18, 2022, there are no present plans to bring back alcohol prior to January 20, 2022.”

…”With our initial schedule to reintroduce alcohol service, we needed to acquire seltzer and tonic water ahead of time to guarantee availability,” Miller said in the letter. “When our initial plans altered, we still had a responsibility to these suppliers due to lengthier lead times for producing goods and other supply difficulties we’ve experienced.”

Since customers haven’t been able to utilize the free drink vouchers with expiry dates in 2020 and 2021, I contacted Southwest to see if they’re extending them. Even though they haven’t sold beverages on board in over a year and a half, they affirm that expired drink vouchers have not been renewed. That, hopefully, will change.


While alcohol will not be served on board, mixers will be available as a stand-alone service beginning next month since the airline had intended to reinstate cocktail service and had to purchase seltzer water and tonic water, as well as cranberry cocktail juice, orange juice, and ginger ale. These will join Coke, Diet Coke, water, and 7-Up in the existing roster.

On my Southwest flights, I’ve been given canned water in a cup with ice, despite the fact that the current service is canned water. Inflight announcements state that customers should hold up a specific number of fingers (rather than speaking) to indicate their beverage preference; however, virtually no one does this, and most flight attendants do not hold up the card to request it either. Next month, menu cards with drink options will be placed on seat backs.

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Southwest is starting to serve mixed drinks on board, without the alcohol. Reference: is southwest serving drinks and snacks.

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