This Is An Odd Way To Select ‘Best New Crew Card Of 2021’

This article will discuss how the World Travel Awards are using their own secret algorithm to determine what new crew card is “best” for you.

The “credit card churning 2021” is a way to select the best new crew card of 2021. The process involves using a credit card to purchase a prepaid debit card, then use that prepaid debit card to purchase the new crew card.


This Is An Odd Method Of Choosing The ‘Best New Crew Card Of 2021.’

on November 15, 2021 by Gary Leff

The Best New Credit Card of 2021 was awarded by The Points Guy. I believe that the new Capital One Venture X is a sensible choice. However, it’s intriguing to see how they discard the greatest competitors.

Here are the qualifications for the prize, which include:

how profitable the product’s points, miles, or cash-back earning was. In addition, three essential aspects were considered: value-added bonuses, incentives flexibility, and customisation.

Note that welcome offers were left out of this card study since they change often, and this award is focused on a new card that is excellent for a broad range of readers right now.

Here are the cards they looked at:

  • Card for United QuestSM
  • Citi Custom CashSM is a credit card from Citi.
  • Mastercard Bilt
  • Credit card from Bank of America® with Unlimited Cash Rewards
  • The Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card is a credit card issued by Wells Fargo.
  • Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card is a credit card offered by Capital One.

The Wells Fargo Active CashSM Card is a solid cash-back option that mostly duplicates what’s currently available. The BofA card isn’t as strong. In the ThankYou Rewards ecosystem, Citi Custom Cash plays an important strategic role.

United Quest is strategically intriguing; the innovation here is in providing a middle ground between the pricey premium card with lounge access and the mass consumer Explorer product. I’m not sure how big that market will end up becoming, but I like watching experimentation.

TPG, on the other hand, gets Bilt and Venture mostly right. What makes Capital One such a game changer isn’t only the new credit card, which offers substantial lounge access (full Priority Pass Select with two guests and Priority Pass cards for no annual cost approved users!) but also the new credit card. Capital One has been making further advances into the luxury travel industry, as well.

Venture X is now an important element of this ecosystem. Other qualifying cards have a limit on how many times they may access their lounges, however this card has no such restriction. It also earns a lot of points that can be transferred. This is a fantastic card, and a big reason for that is how much Capital One has put into the rest of their travel offerings.

But, before we conclude that this card is the greatest new one on the market, let’s have a look at how the new Bilt Rewards Mastercard is dismissed.

The absence of an annual charge The Bilt Mastercard earns 3 points per dollar spent on dining and 2 points per dollar spent on travel (the same bonus categories as Chase’s Sapphire Preferred product, but without the annual fee), as well as 1 point per dollar spent on rent (up to $50,000 per year) and all other unbonused eligible purchases. Bilt has transfer partners that are on par with or better than Chase.

You must use the card at least 5 times each month to gain points — they don’t want you simply using it for rent and sock drawering it.

The following is The Points Guy’s counter-argument to Bilt:

  • They criticize it for not having an initial bonus offer, which they mention twice while specifically stating that this isn’t a factor in their rankings.
  • You can join Bilt Rewards even if you don’t have a credit card (“thus the card may not be completely required for some of the folks who would profit the most from having one”). You don’t have to have a Chase credit card to participate in MileagePlus, which is an unusual argument against them.
  • To get incentives, you must make at least five transactions every month. This isn’t a new notion; to get the additional incentives on Amex’s Everyday and Everyday Preferred cards, you must use them 20 times and Everyday Preferred 30 times each month, respectively.

Bilt Mastercard and Capital One Venture X are also fantastic new additions. They carry out many tasks. Consider the former a no-fee Sapphire Preferred with the added benefit of earning points for paying rent, whilst the latter is the newest entrance into the premium travel rewards market, competing with Amex Platinum and Sapphire Reserve.

TPG doesn’t even have to use non-sequiturs to get at the conclusion that Venture X is the top card. While the Bilt card pays for value-added insurance, which we’ve seen issuers like Barclays and Citi abandon, as a no annual fee card, it won’t come with large travel spend credits or complimentary airport lounge access. Say Bilt is a good points earner, but Venture X wins – almost by definition as an ultra-premium card – because of the benefits you get for your annual fee.

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