TSA Expects Over 20 Million Passengers During Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days, and this year’s expected rise in travelers has triggered a spike in air traffic. TSA officials expect to see over 20 million passengers during remainer weekdays, with Friday marking an all-time high at 1.3 million passengers.

The “thanksgiving air travel 2021” is a prediction from the TSA that over 20 million passengers will fly during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

During the Thanksgiving holiday travel season, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) intends to check nearly 20 million travelers.

The TSA said the Thanksgiving travel season, which runs from November 19 to November 28, will see congested airport security checkpoints around the country, but that it was prepared to manage the increased passenger load.


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The busiest days during the holiday travel season, according to TSA officials, are the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, as well as the Sunday thereafter. While travel numbers are not projected to exceed pre-pandemic levels this year, they are expected to be much higher in the weeks running up to the November holiday.

TSA Administrator David Pekoske stated, “We estimate that travel will be very near to pre-pandemic levels this Christmas season, and we are staffed and prepared for the holiday passengers.” “We’ve deployed technology to improve detection capabilities and limit physical touch, but it’s also critical that travelers have travel recommendations for the most efficient checkpoint experience.”

“With general vaccination rates rising countrywide and increased confidence in safe travel, more people will be going,” Pekoske said. “Plan ahead, be attentive, and practice kindness.”

Travelers are encouraged to come early to provide time to park automobiles or return rental vehicles, check luggage, and get boarding tickets before proceeding to the security checkpoint, in order to avoid the lengthier lines that are predicted as passenger numbers increase.

Delta Air Lines announced on Wednesday that it expects to transport up to 5.6 million passengers over the Thanksgiving holiday, adding that it will increase staffing levels across the board, including flight attendants, customer service representatives, and reservation agents, as well as restore a growing number of domestic and international flights.

The TSA released guidelines earlier this week to help travelers get through checkpoints as fast as possible this Christmas season. Officers advise passengers carrying food items to pass through security if the food is solid, but anything that may be spilt, spread, sprayed, or poured—and is greater than 3.4 ounces—should be stowed in a checked bag.

The “southwest airlines” is expecting over 20 million passengers during the Thanksgiving Holiday. The airline will be offering $5 flights to help with the high volume of travelers.

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