Viking Cruises Announces New 2023 Summer Season Sailings

Viking Cruises announced new summer sailing itineraries for the upcoming season, including stops in Iceland. Cruise ships are becoming an increasingly popular way to explore places that might otherwise be inaccessible or unaffordable.

Viking Cruises has announced new sailings for the summer of 2023. The company’s current sailing schedule is available through the end of 2019, but will be updated with new itineraries in 2020. Viking offers a range of cruise options including luxury ships and river cruises to destinations like Europe, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Viking Cruises has unveiled new, one-of-a-kind summer itineraries for 2023, including trips to the Great Lakes, the Atlantic coast, Chilean fjords, and the Panama Canal. In some of the world’s most stunning locations, these adventure journeys are guaranteed to captivate and excite tourists.

Sailing on the Great Lakes is a fantastic experience.

The most anticipated new route from Viking Cruises is the exceptional 15-day Great Lakes Collection sailing between Toronto and Duluth, which offers passengers in-depth area exploration and ports of call on all five Great Lakes.

Guests will experience all of the history and culture of the Great Lakes, including a port of call on Mackinac Island and a journey through the Soo Locks, from the various metropolitan hubs of Cleveland and Detroit to the lovely northern settlements of Alpena, Sault Sainte Marie, and Thunder Bay.

Michigan’s Mackinac Island Eric Walli/Flickr/Flickr/Flickr/Flickr/Flickr/Flickr/Flickr

Viking has added four Great Lakes excursion favorites to its 2023 season, including the 8-day Niagara & the Great Lakes, Great Lakes Explorer, and Undiscovered Great Lakes itineraries, as well as the 13-day Canadian Discovery itinerary.

Aside from the Great Lakes, Viking is launching a new 16-day Canada & the Atlantic Coastline tour, which departs from Toronto and sails via the St. Lawrence Seaway before heading south down the Atlantic coast to Fort Lauderdale.

Quebec City, Cape Breton Island, New York City, Norfolk, and Charleston are among the ports of call, offering tourists a varied variety of cultures, wonderful historic sites, and exceptional natural beauty.

“By developing ‘the thinking person’s expedition,’ we are providing interested passengers the chance to explore some of the most pristine sites on earth in the most responsible manner imaginable,” stated Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking Cruises, of the new North American itineraries. As we prepare to welcome our first passengers on board for trips to Antarctica this winter, we’re also excited to announce even more exciting summer 2023 flights closer to home.”

1636053273_638_Viking-Cruises-Announces-New-2023-Summer-Season-SailingsViking Cruises provided this image.

Sailings in South America

Two completely new South American itineraries will launch farther south. The 14-day Patagonian Shores & Chilean Fjords tour will take you between Santiago and Ushuaia, where you’ll explore the harsh, untamed natural beauty.

The 18-day Panama & Scenic South America cruise from Santiago, Chile to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which includes a Panama Canal passage, is another option. Guests will have the opportunity to explore local cultures and natural marvels with experienced guides on both cruises for a customized, in-depth experience.

Expedition Ships by Viking Cruises

Guests will travel on some of the world’s most modern and inventive adventure ships, regardless of the route they pick. Each of the new Polar Class Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris has 189 double-occupancy cabins and was developed by the same experienced architects and engineers that created Viking ocean ships.

The ships are tiny enough to cross isolated arctic areas and the St. Lawrence River while yet being big enough to give outstanding handling and stability in even the harshest waves, ensuring a safe, tranquil, and comfortable ride.

1636053275_847_Viking-Cruises-Announces-New-2023-Summer-Season-SailingsRendering of the Viking Polaris (Viking Cruises provided this image. )

The Hangar, an enclosed marina that allows small excursion vessels to be launched via the ship’s many shell doors, is a spectacular new feature onboard these ships. Guests will board excursion vessels from a level, solid platform within the ship that is protected from the elements.

Each ship is outfitted with a variety of vessels for various excursion options, including zodiacs, two-seater Arctic-tested kayaks, and six-guest submarines with spinning seats and 270-degree spherical windows for an unrivaled underwater adventure.

Onboard scientists aboard both the Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris are undertaking investigations in collaboration with Cambridge University and Viking’s other academic partners, using both wet and dry lab facilities.

1636053276_516_Viking-Cruises-Announces-New-2023-Summer-Season-SailingsPhoto Courtesy: Viking Cruises

Guests will have supervised access to The Science Lab, which is housed on a glass-enclosed mezzanine above The Hangar, where they will be able to learn from and participate in primary research, a unique Viking Cruises experience.

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The Aula, a panoramic auditorium with destination-focused learning possibilities, will also host lectures and entertainment for guests.

The new Viking Cruises itineraries are guaranteed to be popular with both new and returning guests, as well as any passengers interested in the utmost in adventure, with so many options to enjoy not just amazing places but also unique and stimulating cruise experiences.

Viking Expedition Cruise

Viking Cruises has announced new 2023 summer season sailings. The company is going to be sailing from Norway and the Mediterranean in 2022. Reference: viking cruises 2022 norway.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viking cruises going out of business?

A: Yes, Viking Cruises is currently undergoing bankruptcy with over 100 ships being sold off.

What Viking cruises have been Cancelled?

A: The Viking Sky cruise has been canceled.

Is Viking sailing in 2021?

A: No, Viking sailing is in 2018.

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