American Picks New Seat Back Screens For Long Haul Planes

American Airlines has announced they will be rolling out new seat back screens for their long haul flights. The aim is to provide better customer services, allowing passengers to see the flight schedule before booking and selecting seats on the plane. This change comes after American faced a $1 billion lawsuit following an incident in which debris fell from a collapsed overhead bin onto customers during takeoff.,

American Airlines has announced that they are releasing new seat back screens for long haul planes. The new screens will be able to accommodate more passengers and provide a better experience for the passenger. Read more in detail here: american airlines.



For long-haul planes, American has chosen new seat back screens.

on December 14, 2021 by Gary Leff

In June 2019, American placed an order for 50 Airbus A321XLRs, which will be delivered between 2023 and 2025 and will be used to travel to tiny European locations as well as close-in South America. American Airlines should be able to operate year-round Europe operations from Philadelphia as a result of these changes. Business class and premium economy will be available on these narrowbody aircraft.

American also has additional Boeing 787-9s on order, with deliveries set to begin in 2023. These, too, will receive a new cabin and will not be a rehash of their existing offering. The airline’s new business class seat, which is expected to debut on this jet, has sparked a lot of conjecture.

What we do know is that American has picked Thales AVANT and its “new series of high-performance Optiq displays, the industry’s first 4K high-dynamic range (HDR) seatback screens augmented with Samsung QLED proprietary technology” for both of these new aircraft. The first buyer for this screen, which boasts “more than 1 billion hues,” will be Americans.

At each seat, the system has a Bluetooth connection, allowing passengers to pair their wireless headphones with the system.

Premium Class seats will have 17-inch monitors and a 5-inch touchscreen phone, giving passengers a real second-screen experience. 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch monitors will be available in Premium Economy and Economy Class, respectively.

To deliver digital services and real-time health monitoring and reporting, AVANT will be connected with American’s high-speed communication infrastructure.

In addition, American has chosen Thales’ high-power charging solutions, which will provide passengers in all classes with USB type C 60-watt and AC outlets at each seat.

These new business class displays aren’t any bigger than the ones that American Airlines has been installing on its flights. Perhaps they aren’t required to be. On Boeing 777-200 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft, the newest displays for Super Diamond business class seats are 18 inches. As a result, the new 787-9s will have a one-inch smaller screen. Here are the screen dimensions that American has for each aircraft type:

D is for concept (777-200 and 787-8 blk 1) – Super Diamond 16″ (777-200 and 787-9, blk 1) – 18″ Super Diamond (787-8 Blk 2) – 17″ Cirrus (777-300) – 15.4″ Super Diamond (787-8 Blk 2)

19″ F monitor size (777-300)

Unfortunately, the number 17 does not indicate the business class seat they have selected. They can make 17-inch displays with both Super Diamond and other sorts of chairs. The question has been raised as to whether American will stick with the present Super Diamond seat and add doors (like British Airways and Etihad have done) or go for the more adjustable Adient Ascent seat.

It’s also worth noting that the widebody business class (787-9) uses the same screen as the narrowbody business class (787-8). (A321XLR). The narrowbody A321XLR, I imagined, would have a different seat than the Boeing 787-9. They might, however, use Adient Ascent on the widebody and Adient Aspect on the narrowbody.

Selecting a vendor for seat back entertainment and power is a first step toward preparing for new business class seats on upcoming aircraft.

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The “American Picks New Seat Back Screens For Long Haul Planes” is a news article about American Airlines. They have come out with new seat back screens that are designed for long haul planes. Reference: does southwest boeing 737-800 have tvs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is American Airlines removing screens?

A: American Airlines is removing all the screens on their planes. This has been done to save space and make more room for passengers.

What planes have screens?

Why do some planes have tvs and some dont?

A: Planes with tvs are not all equal. Some planes have a specific type of tv and some do not, such as ground-based or airborne TV (ATV).

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