Bimini Island and Tomahawk Steaks

Not so long ago, this island was uninhabited. Now it is a popular destination for anyone looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of life in Miami. The Tomahawk Steaks are massive cuts of beef taken off the bone with your choice of three sauces served on top–and worth every calorie!

The “how much is a tomahawk steak at costco” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question, is that a tomahawk steak will cost you $14.99 at Costco.

Due to heavy winds, our landing to Bimini Island in the Bahamas was a bit bumpy this morning. Docking may be difficult enough in normal conditions, so it’s expected that things would take a bit longer when severe winds are present. 

However, an hour later, we were completely moored and, even better, the captain announced that we would be extending our stay in port to compensate for our delay in getting ashore. So instead of leaving at five o’clock, we’d leave at six o’clock.

Resorts World controls Bimini Island, so unless you’re going deep sea fishing or hiring a golf cart to explore, you’ll be visiting one of the resorts or relaxing on the beach. And what about those golf carts? They’re all over the place! 

I’d signed up for a virtual 5K before leaving the house. I could have done it on the ship since this is something you can do anywhere, but I thought it would be lot better to do something like that on the island. 

So I skipped breakfast and went to the Grand Dutch Cafe for a coffee before departing Rotterdam. 

Let’s take a minute to speak about this venue, since it’s fantastic and something that only Holland America offers. This Dutch coffee shop and bar, first debuted on the Koningsdam in 2016, is situated on deck three (on this ship), just across from guest services. It features some of the greatest drip coffee and Dutch Pea Soup you’ll ever discover on a cruise ship.

dutch pea soup rotterdam

A heated ham and cheese sandwich, as well as a choice of European sweets, are available. Although the meals is included in your cruise cost, there is a fee for beverages.

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Bimini is a port that has just recently been introduced to a number of Carnival ship itineraries. You may remember that my Carnival Horizon cruise stopped here in July, when my family and I spent the day at the Resorts World Beach Club.

Bimini has a figurative split personality, with half of the island developed by Resorts World and the rest of the island being more realistic to what the actual Bahamas is like if you can get beyond the large hotels, developed beaches, and tourist hot places. There are numerous fantastic locations to visit, including some local seafood restaurants that specialize in conch. I should have stopped at one on this visit, but I didn’t.

Bimini has a fascinating history, including the fact that Ernest Hemingway stayed here for a short period. I suggest doing one of the historical tram trips if you want to get away from the more resort-oriented aspects. You may also hire one of the golf carts I mentioned before for roughly $100 if you’re feeling courageous and comfortable driving on the “wrong” side of the road. That’s not a terrible deal, particularly if you share it with a group of friends.

bimini bahamas

I hauled my tired body up to the lido buffet for a salad after running the 5k and “achieving” my worst time ever (35:07).

Holland America Line had the freshest and hottest buffet of the roughly dozen cruises I’ve taken since the industry reopened. As I indicated yesterday, although many other cruise lines battled with how to make the buffet safer in accordance with the new health rules, this wasn’t a problem for HAL since crew members already served around 85 percent of the meals featured here.

salad rotterdam buffet

The remainder consisted of cookies and treats that you scooped yourself, such as bread pudding. Although there are some pre-plated grab-and-go choices available, they are now crew served. The tables in the lido area are already set with utensils, and crew members will bring you refreshments.

I came found a library, which is something you don’t see very often on contemporary cruise ships. When you do locate one these days, it’s usually a little room with a few books on the shelf and maybe a few games. However, on deck two, between the Music Walk and the World Stage Theater, there was a great, dedicated area approximately the size of a conference room, which was a very wonderful piece of prime real estate.

It’s stuffed with books, not just old ones that someone left in their stateroom after finishing them, but good, fresh ones as well. They even featured a couple by John Grisham, one of my favorite authors, as well as sections dedicated to science fiction, romance, and young adult fiction.

The library runs on the honor system rather than having a librarian. There’s also a book swapping area. I’m presently reading Bar Maid by Daniel Roberts and will leave it for someone else to enjoy if I complete it before the end of the voyage (unlikely, but you never know!).

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I observed from the rear end of the lido deck as the ship set sail at six o’clock. It’s always fun to see the ship sail away, but it’s also a lot more complicated than we think as we stand on the deck, drink in hand, watching the port we just visited fade away. There are many logistics to consider, from obtaining the necessary permissions and ensuring that the river pilot (or Bahamas Marine Pilots, as they are called here) is on board, to weather considerations and everything else that people on the bridge must consider. 

sail away bimini bahamas

Tonight’s dinner was at the Pinnacle Grill steakhouse. This is a Holland America Line institution, and all I can say is that you should arrive hungry because you will receive your money’s worth. When I was sailing on Eurodam a few years ago, I got the chance to sample the President’s Cut, a gigantic 36-ounce steak that was a meat lover’s dream.

That wasn’t on the menu here, but the 36-ounce Tomahawk bone-in ribeye had taken its place.

My tablemates joked that I wouldn’t be able to finish everything, and I should have forced them put their money where their mouth was, since I ate not just the steak but also a lobster tail, candied bacon, and jumbo shrimp cocktail. A snapshot is said to be worth a thousand words, therefore I’m thinking this one does.

steak lobster steakhouse rotterdam holland america

I needed to burn off the calories after eating two pounds of steak by walking about the ship for a bit. Sure, I’d have to spend the next three days walking about the ship nonstop to burn off all those calories, but it was worth a shot. 

I was unable to attend the concert since our dinner appointment was at 8:00 p.m. and the play began at 9:00 p.m. But, as great as the LED panels are, when you peel away the technology, it’s still just a song-and-dance performance, which you already know isn’t my favorite thing on the planet.

Because we’ll be at sea tomorrow, I’m planning to see the Crow’s Nest, which is located atop the ship on deck 12’s front part. In 2017, Holland America made some significant modifications to this section, focusing heavily on technology in a manner that didn’t sit well with some cruisers. They must have felt that the area had begun to resemble one of Epcot’s instructional pavilions, where everyone hurries through to get to the good things. But, since then, they’ve made some changes to the area, and I’d want to see it for myself. 

It’s time to sleep, so till tomorrow…

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