Enchanted Princess Begins Service from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Enchanted Princess is a luxurious European-style ship that offers modern amenities, entertainment and the ultimate Caribbean experience. With five state rooms to choose from, private balconies with views of the ocean or pool deck, all meals are included in your fare so guests will never have to pay for anything more than their drinks.

The “where is the enchanted princess now” is a service that starts from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The service includes tours of Disney World and Universal Studios.

The long-awaited and gorgeously built newest cruise ship in the Princess Cruises fleet, Enchanted Princess, embarks on her long-awaited maiden voyage today, November 10, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The ship will spend the next six months cruising the Caribbean before repositioning to Europe in April of next year. Enchanted Princess provides visitors a Medallion-class experience that has been completely refurbished and remodeled, as well as a variety of eating and recreation alternatives, including 25 bars and restaurants.

The Enchanted Princess is the first of 15 Caribbean cruises to set sail.

Enchanted Princess provides of of the longest Caribbean cruises available, allowing passengers to see the finest of the area without feeling rushed.

The ship will set sail for the first time today on the first of fifteen 10-day trips departing from Fort Lauderdale. These cruises may be combined to create longer 20-day itineraries that visit 12 distinct Caribbean destinations.

Atrium of the Enchanted Princess (Photo Courtesy: Princess Cruises)

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The first port of call on this journey for the 145,000 gross ton, 3,660-guest ship will be Princess Cays in the Bahamas, the cruise line’s own island. Saint Thomas Island, Dominica, Curacao, and Aruba are next on the itinerary before returning to Fort Lauderdale on November 20.

“Introducing our newest ship, the Enchanted Princess, is a big milestone for Princess, and we look forward to the first passengers enjoying all this lovely ship has to offer,” said Princess Cruises president John Padgett. “With many loyal and new passengers eager to sail with us and our employees ready to give meaningful and unforgettable holidays at a great value, Enchanted Princess is our seventh ship to join service since the worldwide stop.”


The ship will not be formally named until mid-December, despite the fact that it is traveling on its inaugural journey today. On December 13, Princess promises to livestream a special naming ceremony on its social media platforms, with more information to follow.

The newest ship in the fleet landed in Fort Lauderdale in early September 2021 to prepare for duty. Crew members have been preparing to greet visitors for the first time since their arrival, with processes in place to ensure everyone aboard is safe.

The Enchanted Princess, which can accommodate 3,660 passengers, will be sailing the Caribbean until April 9, 2022. She will subsequently begin sailings across Northern Europe, with cruises departing from Copenhagen, Denmark, and St. Petersburg, Russia, on alternate days.

Sailing of the Seventh Princess Ship

Since the suspensions began in March 2020, Enchanted Princess has become the eighth ship in the fleet to sail. Since the Majestic Princess was the first ship in the fleet to return from the United States in July 2021, the cruise line has been making a comeback. The ship started sailing to Alaska from Seattle, Washington, kicking off the remainder of the cruise line’s lucrative Alaska season.

Princess Cruise ShipsSeregaSibTravel / Shutterstock.com / SeregaSibTravel / Shutterstock.com / SeregaSibTravel /

Three more Princess cruise ships will resume service in the United States.

In July, Regal Princess began sailings in the United Kingdom, with domestic cruises departing from Southampton, England. The ship was soon followed by Sky Princess, which offered cruises throughout the United Kingdom. In September 2021, the Grand Princess was the first ship in the fleet to return to Los Angeles, one of Princess Cruises’ principal homeports.

Following the Alaska season, in October 2021, Majestic Princess became the second ship to commence voyages from the Port of Los Angeles. Emerald Princess was the third Princess ship to resume service from Los Angeles later in October. Ruby Princess began operations from San Francisco, California, on October 31.

The cruise line’s activities will be resumed in the spring of 2022, including in other nations such as Japan.

Enchanted princess Cruise Ship

The “cruise hive” is a cruise company that offers cruises from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company has been in business since 2004 and has an excellent reputation for customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Princess Cruises will start again?

A: Princess Cruises will be returning in the spring of 2020.

Is enchanted princess in service?

A: Yes, she is.

Will Princess be sailing in 2021?

A: I dont know.

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