Flight Attendants At American Airlines Regional Carrier Holding Strike Vote

American Airlines Regional Carrier Holding, a subsidiary of American Airlines, voted to strike on Thursday after contract negotiations with the company broke down. The vote was unanimous among the union’s 7,000 members and will begin in early June if no agreement is reached.

American Airlines Regional Carrier Holding has voted to go on strike. This is the first time in the history of American Airlines that flight attendants have gone on strike.

Flight Attendants of the regional carrier American Airlines are voting on a strike.

on September 15, 2021 by Gary Leff

Piedmont Airlines flight attendants will vote on whether or not to approve a strike between September 23 and October 21, 2021. Piedmont Airlines is a small airline owned wholly by American Airlines.

For the last three years, Piedmont has been in talks with flight attendants. Much development would have been halted during the epidemic, since the future of the larger airline hasn’t always been apparent on many fronts. A strike vote, on the other hand, does not imply a strike.

  • The parties haven’t been given permission to self-help by the National Mediation Board, which means the union can’t strike and the business can’t shut them out. Negotiations continue to favor the status quo deal.
  • A strike authorization provides union leadership the ability to strike, but it does not guarantee that they will do so.

While the union’s leadership is requesting this permission, members are being told not to anticipate one – or, at the very least, that voting for one does not guarantee that one will be granted. This helps them obtain the permission, but it also weakens the strike threat’s credibility. And what they want in talks is a genuine threat.

The easiest approach to guarantee that there will be no strike is to vote “FOR.” A big strike vote will send a message to management that we are serious about doing business. They must realize that the only other option is to cope with a flight attendant strike in order to give us the contract we deserve.


Piedmont is flying an average of 264 flights per day across 83 city pairings this month, according to statistics from Cirium Diio Mi.

  • 40 miles from and to Philadelphia
  • 25 miles each way to and from Charlotte
  • 15 to and from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago
  • 3 round trips to and from Boston

American-Airlines-Group-Told-Pilots-To-Delay-Covid-19-Vaccination-Just ERJ-145 Piedmont

They fly 50-seat regional aircraft, most of which are between the ages of 12 and 23, to smaller cities or less-traveled routes. There is no wifi or seat power on any of these planes.

Piedmont flight attendants confront a difficulty in negotiations: they have very limited negotiating power. As a requirement of obtaining $10 billion in government subsidies, American has yet to be allowed to discontinue routes that it has flown throughout the most of the epidemic. These limitations will be lifted at the end of the month.

Without long-haul flights to connect to, small town flying out of Philadelphia is less important right now, and Philadelphia has been sluggish to rebuild capacity. It is the transatlantic linking hub for the United States.

JetBlue is American’s partner in Boston, and its flights to Syracuse and Rochester aren’t very important on their own. They may send in bigger regional aircraft from other airlines to make up for some of the flight losses in Charlotte and Chicago.

Because pilots may bring an airline down with their operational choices and because pilots are difficult to replace, flight attendants have much less clout than pilots. Airlines seldom attempt it — United Airlines, a much smaller carrier, attempted it in 1985, but even with the best-case scenario, it would take almost a year, and that’s without the pilot shortage we’ve seen in recent years. Piedmont’s pilots received a significant increase last month.

I have a lot of compassion for what flight attendants are going through these days in the air, and flight attendants on regional airlines work more takeoffs and landings on average on less comfortable equipment — in this instance, aircraft that have just recently received HEPA air filtration. However, flight attendants at one of American Airlines’ smaller airlines aren’t doing themselves any favors.

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The united airlines strike 2021 is a vote of the flight attendants at American Airlines Regional Carrier Holding. The vote will decide if they will go on strike or not.

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