Florida-Based Cruise Line Rebrands as Margaritaville at Sea

The first cruise line to brand itself as a parody of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is taking on the high seas with its new Carnival Cruise Line name and logo. The company has chosen “Carnival” for its old moniker, but retained the fun-loving spirit that made it famous – complete with original music from Buffett himself.

The “bahamas paradise cruise line” is a new name for the Florida-based Cruise Line. The company has rebranded as Margaritaville at Sea, in order to attract more customers.

Margaritaville, the global lifestyle brand, is delighted to announce that Margaritaville at Sea will set sail from Palm Beach in April 2022. As the firm rebrands to become Margaritaville at Sea, the new line’s flagship, Paradise in Margaritaville, is the previous Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s vessel, Grand Classica.

On the Water with Margaritaville

Margaritaville at Sea will provide the same fun, escapism, and state of mind that has made the Margaritaville brand famous throughout the globe for its laid-back ambience, tropical mood, and carefree enjoyment.

“Margaritaville at Sea will be a fresh, interesting, and enjoyable option for people to escape and vacation in Margaritaville,” stated Margaritaville CEO John Cohlan. “Margaritaville has an inherent connection to the water, from seas to lakes, and with Margaritaville at Sea, we’re able to bring our distinctive lifestyle, resort experiences, and higher service to the sea.” We want to meet visitors on and within Paradise.”

Margaritaville Paradise Cruise ShipMargaritaville at Sea (photo credit: Margaritaville)

“The only thing better than being on a beach beside the water is being on the ocean,” says the author. Jimmy Buffett, the voice, lyricist, musician, and personality behind the 1977 smash song “Margaritaville,” stated, “Now you may follow in our footsteps.” Buffett is a singer, songwriter, and best-selling book.

The Margaritaville brand, which comprises over 25 hotels and resorts, two casino locations, RV parks, and over 60 food and beverage establishments, as well as real estate communities and vacation clubs, is already recognizable to cruise passengers.

The brand has been a popular feature of numerous cruise ports, including outlets in Jamaica, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Grand Turk, and The Bahamas, since the first successful Margaritaville retail shop debuted in Key West in 1985.

Margaritaville Paradise Cruise ShipMargaritaville at Sea (photo credit: Margaritaville)

The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has undergone a rebranding.

Margaritaville at Sea is the result of a partnership between the Margaritaville brand and the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, located in Florida.

“As we launch Margaritaville at Sea out of the Port of Palm Beach, we’re delighted about this new alliance.” Oneil Khosa, CEO of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, who will also act as CEO of Margaritaville at Sea, stated, “We’re delighted about this next chapter of our journey, rebranding as Margaritaville at Sea.” “The collaborative approach will give the cruise business a new dimension, appealing to a new group of passengers.”

While traveling to Grand Bahama Island, Margaritaville at Sea will give tourists with true Margaritaville culture, entertainment, and cuisine. Guests onboard the flagship, Margaritaville Paradise, will get customized care from beginning to end, including access to special cruise ports for faster embarkation and disembarkation.

“It’s the ideal paradise relationship,” Khosa stated.

Margaritaville Paradise

Margaritaville Paradise, the flagship of Margaritaville at Sea, has a lengthy history of cruise service. Costa Classica was the ship’s original name when it was constructed in 1991 for Costa Cruise Line. The ship was sold to Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line in 2018, and it was renamed Grand Classica. The ship underwent a thorough refurbishment in 2020, just before the pandemic shutdown started, and was re-commissioned on July 24, 2021.

Grand Classica Cruise ShipMacklin Holloway of Shutterstock.com contributed to this image.

With the renaming of the cruise company, the ship will be modified once again to match her new personality. JWB Prime Steak & Seafood, Frank and Lola’s Pizzeria, Port of Indecision Buffet, LandShark Sports Bar, and Margaritaville Coffee & Pastry Shop, as well as the Euphoria Lounge, Sunset Bar, and 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar, will be among the amenities available onboard.

The ship will also have the Par-A-Dice Casino, a Stars on the Water Theater, the St. Somewhere Spa, and the Fins Up! Fitness Center, among other activities and entertainment. The ship’s 658 casual-luxe rooms are decorated with nautical features and colors inspired by the sea, sand, and sky, which are common motifs across the Margaritaville brand.

The ship’s first voyages will be two-night, three-day cruises from Palm Beach to Freeport. Guests may even prolong their holidays by staying at a hotel in The Bahamas before returning to Palm Beach.

Margaritaville Paradise Cruise Ship

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The “cruise line stocks” is a cruise line that has rebranded from Royal Caribbean to Margaritaville at Sea. The company will be offering the same cruises, with the same itinerary, but under the new name.

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