Great Prices, Better Seats, and Longer Trips: Airline Travel Trends to Watch in 2022

The global airline industry is constantly in flux due to the large number of emerging and established companies. In order for airlines to compete with low-cost carriers, they need to be innovative, change their business practices, and explore new technologies.

International travel trends 2022 will be focused on better prices, better seats, and longer trips. The global airline industry is predicted to have a growth of 3.5% in the next few years. Read more in detail here: international travel trends 2022.

By Julie Kyse, Expedia Group’s VP of Global Air Partnerships

It’s no secret that after more than a year of restraints, prohibitions, and isolation, individuals are eager to travel again. While the airline sector had net losses in 2020, the most recent data shows that financial performance is improving. According to a recent research by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), overall passenger numbers would reach 2.3 billion in 2021 and 3.4 billion in 2022, which is equal to 2014 levels.


As the airline sector continues to improve, now is an excellent time for passengers to obtain a fantastic discount, and in many instances, superior seats. While most travelers will be focused on short journeys for the time being, it won’t be long before fewer constraints on travel and a desire to explore the globe lead to longer-haul reservations.

As we enter the new year, here are some key trends to keep an eye on for airlines and airline passengers.

What’s Hot Right Now

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Now is the time to upgrade yourself.

Airlines have long strived to make flying – particularly premium class flight – a unique experience, which may make finding decent offers difficult. But possibly not for much longer. According to the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), the average cost of flying roundtrip inside the United States in 2021 will be about 20% lower than pre-pandemic levels from 2018 and 2019.

The price difference between premium and economy is also narrowing. Premium economy tickets were 288 percent more costly than economy tickets in 2021, compared to 365 percent more expensive in 2020. Prior to the epidemic, premium economy tickets were 430 percent more costly than economy tickets in 2019.

All of this implies that there has never been a better moment for passengers who have considered upgrading their ticket than now, particularly as longer journeys loom on the horizon.

Travelers who want to make a big splash in 2022

Domestic travel will take precedence for most passengers in the foreseeable future, as pandemic anxieties about international travel remain. According to Expedia data, domestic locations with a booking window of 1 – 60 days were the most popular in the United States for summer 2021 (June, July, and August).

While short travels will continue to dominate in the immediate future, by 2022, individuals will most likely be ready to travel internationally. Expedia Group’s latest Traveler Value Index Report revealed that more than half of travelers consider new experiences to be a top advantage of travel, and more than three-quarters of passengers are more inclined to choose a new place for their next trip.

Travelers who plan ahead for travels in 2022 might save a lot of money by being flexible and picking the ideal month to visit. According to our research, the best month to fly domestically is January, when passengers may save up to 11% compared to June. When it comes to foreign airfares, August is the best month to fly since passengers may save about 19 percent compared to December.

Flexibility Is Beneficial

Our study revealed that one in every five Americans is looking for money-saving suggestions as they plan their next vacation, and more than a third (38 percent) are prepared to be flexible with their travel plans in order to save money. In addition, our study shows that by booking their airfare and hotel together in one transaction, U.S. tourists may save up to 10% on average.

The aviation sector in the United States was not immune to the pandemic’s catastrophic effects on travel. However, due to the market’s durability and investment in safety standards, as well as the broad availability of vaccinations, the recovery seems to be quick. This is good news for airlines and the rest of the ecosystem, especially as the Christmas travel season approaches and passengers begin to dream big and plan spectacular adventures for 2022.

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The “travel trends 2021” is a trend that will be in effect for the next few years. Airlines are constantly looking to make their services more appealing, and this includes making trips more affordable.

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