Omicron Deals Big Blow to New York City Tourism

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The “u.s. travel restrictions” is a blow to the city of New York’s tourism industry, which has been struggling in recent years.

Just when New York City was celebrating the return of Broadway with tremendous hoopla and loving throngs in September, the city’s tourism is about to take another hit.

Positive cases of the Omicron strain of the COVID-19 virus are on the rise in New York City and New York State, with 21,027 new cases recorded statewide on Friday, December 17 — the largest number in over a year.


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Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats.

As a consequence, a number of Broadway musicals were forced to close this week, and the famed Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show had to cancel the rest of its performances over the holiday season. Given that the show still had two weeks of performances left, with up to six concerts per day, this was a huge setback.

“It’s all changing so fast.” According to NBC News4 New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul noted during a Friday interview on CNN that “the numbers are rising up exponentially by the day.”

Omicron’s saving grace is that, although it is more transmissible, it is also less lethal, and hospitalizations have not been excessive.

However, the Delta version, which made an appearance in late summer, is still present.

“We were already going for a winter spike with delta, which is a really serious issue in and of itself,” Dr. Denis Nash, executive director of the City University of New York’s Institute for Implementation Science in Population Health, told NBC News4. “But then there’s the new omicron variety on top of that, which is more infectious.”

For the time being, The Broadway League released a press statement assuring the public that any performance cancellations were only temporary and were made on a case-by-case, theater-by-theater basis.

“Broadway is open for business, and we urge you to go watch a performance right now!” While most events are going on as planned, others may be canceled out of an abundance of caution and concern for the performers, musicians, staff, and audience members, according to the organisation.

The Broadway League has launched a new website,, to provide customers with up-to-date information on every Broadway show now on the road, as well as planned special holiday performance dates.

The Broadway League’s President, Charlotte St. Martin, observed, “The brilliance of Broadway is that it is live in every manner.” “We take it extremely seriously whenever an actor or staff member becomes ill.” The health and safety of everyone involved in the event, as well as everyone in the audience, is our first concern.”

Bill de Blasio, the departing mayor of New York City, is suddenly the center of attention. After postponing the event last year, the Mayor proudly declared months ago that New York City will have its traditional Times Square mega-party on New Year’s Eve to see the ball drop.

In the following days, De Blasio said he would keep an eye on the issue.

Omicron isn’t the only one who ruins events in New York. Outbreaks have wreaked havoc for sports leagues, with the National Football League rescheduling one game on Saturday, December 18, and two games originally set for today, Sunday, December 19, Monday, and Tuesday.

Three National Hockey League clubs have put their games on hold until at least December 23.

In Los Angeles, a production of “A Christmas Carol” was also canceled.

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The “omicron recovered” is a blow to New York City tourism. A recent report from the Omicron Corporation suggests that the city’s economy will take a hit in the upcoming years.

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