Marriott Ambassadors Now Expect 5 Days For Email Responses

Marriott has introduced a new email response policy, stating that they will no longer provide responses to emails after 5 business days. The company hopes this change in policies will increase customer satisfaction and reduce the number of complaints levied against them.

The “marriott bonvoy ambassador elite” is a status that Marriott has offered to their highest level of members. The status includes an expectation that the email responses will take 5 days.


Marriott Ambassadors may now expect email responses in 5 days.

on November 21, 2021 by Gary Leff

Marriott’s highest clients get Ambassador service, which is a carryover from Starwood. Members used to have a personal agent assigned to them to handle all aspects of their trip, including making requests, personalizing things with hotels, and aiding with any arrangements.

This individual would “get to know you over time” and “give the personal touches that make each journey exceptional,” according to the promise.

Unfortunately, compared to the days of Starwood, Marriott has upped the criteria for being an Ambassador ($20,000 minimum expenditure plus 100 nights) and has ceased supplying real Ambassadors to Ambassador members.

During the epidemic, Marriott laid off a large number of its finest customer service personnel. While Marriott continues to promote that “Your personal point of contact is always at your service for every stay,” Ambassador members no longer get a personal point of contact and are unable to contact an individual agent directly since “addresses will no longer be checked.”

A recent Ambassador contact provided by a reader exemplifies what the experience has evolved into. They had asked for assistance with a stay the next weekend and had followed up after four days of not hearing back. The following are some excerpts from the feedback they received:

  • “I sorry for the delay in responding to you by email; we are now on a 5-day response period.”
  • “I humbly request that you contact our Global Ambassador Service… We have a minimal hold time and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” (Italics my.)
  • Calling them instead of sending them an email will “assist us in returning to our 48-hour email response time.”

Ambassador members are waiting 5 days for their emails to be replied. Marriott believes a two-day response time to be typical. Delta Air Lines’ contact centers seem to be very responsive as a result of this. Even while calling Marriott, an Ambassador is required to wait on hold.

This user was not satisfied with the dismissive response, which told him to wait, and as a ‘one-time exception,’ they granted him help after just four days after he’d filed an e-mail request. “Please bear in mind that all requests continuing forward will be subject to the time limit for email response unless you phone in,” they were told.

I recall wanting to use both 24 hour check-in and a suite upgrade on the same trip when I was a Starwood Ambassador. The issue was that if the Suite Night Award cleared within 5 days after check-in, the “Your24” request would be canceled and would have to be re-made.

My ambassador informed me that I could use 1000 points to get a ‘SPG50’ award (half-price second night) and book the suite directly for the same price as a basic room. I’d achieve my aim of having the suite and being able to check in and check out early and late. She was fantastic; she understood my objectives and recommended the best course of action for achieving them.

There is no longer a specific individual getting to know you and your objectives, as well as figuring out how to arrange that for you. Marriott’s Ambassador program seems to be more analogous to an airline elite desk phone center than a concierge.

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Marriott has a new plan for their customer service. Marriott Ambassadors now expect 5 days for email responses. Reference: hyatt concierge.

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