New Report Predicts 2022’s Biggest Travel Trends

The travel industry is constantly evolving, with the latest trends impacting how people vacation and experience different cultures. What will 2022 hold for travelers? Here are some of our predictions on what to expect next year in this growing world of global tourism.

The “tourism” is a report that predicts the most popular travel trends in 2022. This report was created by Accenture and it will be released on July 17th of this year.

Today, November 30, Expedia released its 2022 Travel Trends Report, which details its predictions for next year’s biggest travel trends based on its data and a global study by Northstar Research Firm, which polled 12,000 global participants about what they’d like to do and how they’d like to travel in the coming year.

Two-thirds of Americans want to take large journeys in the next year, according to the survey, which has been dubbed the “Greatest of All Trips” (GOAT) attitude.


According to the study, Americans are more inclined than other visitors to seek for excitement (41 percent) and the sensation of making the most of their vacations (40 percent) when on vacation. Most tourists expect to spend more money on travel in the next year (also 40 percent).

That isn’t to say that everyone will spend on a trip to a top-of-the-world place. Fifty-nine percent of American respondents said they were solely planned domestic travels for the next year, with Orlando, Destin, and Maui among the most popular locations.

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However, over 37% of Americans are planning domestic and foreign holidays for 2022, with London, Bali, Pari, Rome, and the Mexican Caribbean being popular choices.

While the epidemic has made 37 percent of American tourists more cautious and hence less spontaneous, another 25% are ready to be more spontaneous with their trip in the next year as a result of it.

Another major trend identified in the survey was people going on travels to get the most out of their vacations. Because many people are skipping the regular variety of excursions and vacations they usually take each year, 40% of Americans are more willing to pay extra on the vacations they do take. Another 27% want to spend longer time in their holiday spots to get the most out of their travels.

Around 15% of people will choose to have more lavish experiences, while 16% would upgrade their flights or lodgings. In 2022, a whopping 32% of American tourists will opt to visit a place on their bucket list.

While traveling, 22% will push themselves beyond of their comfort zones, while 19% will immerse themselves in a new place or culture. Almost a quarter of American visitors (23%) said they want to see lesser-known activities and places while on vacation, and 40% said they want to taste cuisine they’ve never had before.

Travelers are more thrilled to undertake something they’ve never done before, regardless of how they move outside of their comfort zones. Mindfulness is one of these experiences. On their next holiday, 36 percent of U.S. visitors want to disconnect and discover a feeling of serenity and wellness, with 24 percent wishing to unplug from their gadgets even more. Another 38% are most looking forward to the chance to completely unwind without their everyday obligations.

“It is no longer enough to just ‘go there.’ “After such a lengthy time of restraints and limitations, 2022 will be the year we extract every last drop of richness and significance from our experiences,” stated Christie Hudson, Expedia’s Senior PR Manager. “Whether it’s visiting someplace new, being more impulsive, or pampering yourself, it’s evident that a new wave of enthusiasm is brewing as visitors seek out the ultimate travel experience.”

Whether visitors remain closer to home or go farther than they have previously, 2022 is clearly seen as a year in which Americans may spend more time traveling and enjoying the world around them.

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