Travel Experts Hosts Summit On Scenic River Cruise

The Scenic River Cruise has been a staple of North Carolina’s tourism industry for decades. This year, the state hosted its first-ever summit to discuss how to better attract visitors and revitalize the region’s already booming travel economy.

The “cruise and travel experts” are hosting a summit on scenic river cruise. The event will be held in the city of Orlando, Florida.

On two Scenic Cruises luxury yachts traveling on the Rhine River, Travel Experts invited 206 advisors, suppliers, and host agency executives to the second Travel Experts Summit.

“The two ships were exclusively for the Travel Experts Summit attendees, resulting in a highly fruitful event,” said Sharon Fake, Travel Experts’ director of operations.


Many advisers were meeting some of the suppliers for the first time, and they left with new business contacts. Suppliers, for their part, were delighted with the additional time allotted to individual consultants.

Travel Experts set up “speed-dating” meetings between consultants and suppliers, and the suppliers also shared meals and went on scenic tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. Many vendors said that this event was necessary after 18 months of isolation brought on by the virus.

“The advisors also enjoyed meeting other advisors to network and exchange experiences,” said Kristi Green, Travel Experts’ manager of professional development.

As part of a pre-Summit vacation, several advisors visited six Virtuoso hotels with Virtuoso personnel prior to the cruise.

Scenic personnel asked the Travel Experts team a lot of information ahead of time so that they could tailor the service once the cruise started. “They went above and above to deliver exceptional service,” Fake remarked.

Travel Experts scheduled a test on the second-to-last day before everyone flew back to the United States, after all participants had been vaccinated and tested 72 hours before to the trip.

Travel Experts, headed by Susan Ferrell, is a Virtuoso agency. Heather McIntyre, manager of technology and finance; Sharon Fake, director of operations; and Claire Canady, director of North Carolina operations, flank Miffy, a Dutch cartoon character. (Photo courtesy of Travel Experts)

Following the Summit, the advisers said that their time had been well spent and that they had received a good return on their investment in attending.

“I liked the size of the group and the adviser/supplier ratio, as well as being on a confined vessel together, which was favorable to forming connections,” one advisor said.

“Wow, you have done yourself proud,” Liz Coleman, head of sales for Paul Gauguin Cruises’ Northeast division, stated. Thank you very much for getting this done after over two years of ups and downs. There are so many things that come to me when I think of how glad I feel to having been a part of it: humble, proud, happy. I like dealing with your team and assisting them in becoming as successful as possible.”

“Thank you so much for such a fantastic Summit,” Bebe Halimi, a Travel Experts affiliate in Sacramento, California, wrote to Travel Experts. This was without a doubt one of the most memorable moments of my life. Everything seemed to be immaculate and wonderful, because to the tremendous amount of work and effort that each of you put into it. I’m so thrilled to be a part of such a fantastic woman-owned business.”

“It was an incredible illustration of the capabilities, generosity, and perseverance of the tourism business,” Sharon Fake said, “and we want to honor all of our participants who made it possible.” Despite the many hurdles, it was our travel colleagues who made it possible.

“Thank you also to the suppliers for continuing to encourage attendance and realizing that the ROI achieved significantly beyond the cost of being there.” We do remember and appreciate what you’ve done for us. Let us now proclaim from the rooftops that you may travel, conduct meetings, and be together and yet have 100% negative Covid tests at the end.”

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The “travel agents belleville il” is hosting a conference called the Travel Experts Hosts Summit on Scenic River Cruises. The conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois.

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