New Restart Date for Disney Cruise Ship and Protocol Changes

The Disney Magic, the flagship Disney Cruise Line ship, was scheduled to arrive in Port Canaveral this Saturday, August 5th, on a nine-day Caribbean cruise. However, as of this morning (Aug. 4th, 2017), the ship has been delayed to Saturday, August 12th, and the Disney Cruise Line announced changes to their Port Canaveral protocol as a result of the ship’s delay.

After several delays, the Disney Wonder has finally resumed scheduled sailings after being delayed by the major hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. The cruise liner is now sailing out of Cozumel, Mexico, with a newly-rescheduled January 16th reset beginning for Disney Cruise ship sailings in 2015. New cruise changes are also in effect for passengers on Disney’s Allure of the Seas, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wonder.

With the news that the Disney Magic will be without a tug for a few months due to maintenance, we wanted to bring readers up to date on what is going on and what you can expect.

On all future Disney Cruise Line voyages, all passengers aged 12 and above will be required to get vaccinated. The cruise company stated late last month that the restrictions would only apply to its Bahamas trips, but they have now been extended to all itineraries in different degrees.

The statement includes additional testing criteria as well as a revised date for the launch of Disney Wonder, the next ship slated to sail following Disney Fantasy on September 11.

Disney Wonder has a new start date.

Over the past several weeks, Disney Cruise Line has postponed the return of Disney Wonder, altered the vessel’s schedule, and made numerous procedure modifications. The Disney Wonder’s comeback has been postponed due to the business’s cautious, staged strategy, according to the corporation.

Instead of departing on September 24, the ship will begin service on October 1 with three-night sailings from San Diego with a stop at Ensenada, Mexico, and a day at sea, as well as four-night sailings with two days at sea and a stop in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The cruise company had previously announced a different itinerary for these sailings. Guests who have booked a 7-night cruise on October 1st or a 5-night Wonder trip on October 26th or October 31st, 2021, will have their bookings automatically converted to 4-night itineraries.

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If passengers stay on their original sail date, they will be reimbursed the difference in the voyage price, taxes, fees, port costs, and Vacation Protection Plan, if applicable, as well as onboard credits.

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With Disney Dream’s 3- and 4-night itineraries departing from Florida, Disney Cruise Line has returned to the United States. On September 11, Disney Fantasy will return. For the time being, the cruise company will only visit Castaway Cay with both ships.

October’s Disney Wonder Protocols

Disney Cruise Line, which has one of the largest percentages of customers under the age of 18 in the industry, has long wanted to sail with both vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers aboard, primarily to accommodate families with children.

However, due to recent policy changes by the Bahamas’ government, the cruise company has to compel all passengers on Bahamas cruises to get vaccinated. Disney’s most recent update clarifies this need.

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Disney Cruise Line now requires all passengers aged 12 and above to be completely immunized 14 days prior to boarding on cruises leaving from San Diego in October. Guests aged 11 and under are not required to be vaccinated, but must provide evidence of a negative quick PCR test or lab-based PCR test performed between 3 days and 24 hours before to the voyage; fast antigen testing are not acceptable.

Guests aged 12 and above must also pass a test before the trip begins, in addition to being properly vaccinated. This test must be performed by Inspire Diagnostics, the company’s third-party supplier. Guests who do not want to bring their children may leave the ship without having to arrange one of Disney’s Port Adventures. Guests must buy a tour in order to depart with children.

Sailing on November 5th, Disney Wonder Protocols

The Disney Wonder will set sail from San Diego on November 5 for a 14-day journey via the Panama Canal to Galveston. For this trip, Disney has made some major modifications, mandating that all passengers of all ages be completely immunized. This implies that youngsters under the age of 11 will most likely be unable to sail.

For families affected by the policy change, the cruise company is providing a 25% discount on most future sailings taken before September 30, 2022 to those who alter their trip dates or cancel their 14-night Panama Canal sailing.

At the terminal, there will be further changes and testing.

Another modification to the health policy for passengers aboard cruises to the Bahamas between September 3 and November 1 has been made. All cruise ship guests must be completely vaccinated or produce a negative PCR test if they are 11 years or younger in the Bahamas.

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In order to comply, Disney Cruise Line has mandated that all passengers aged 12 and above get a complete vaccination using an authorized vaccine. Guests should submit evidence of immunization to the Disney website; any who refuse to do so will be denied access to the ship.

Guests under the age of 12 should submit a negative PCR test done between three and twenty-four hours before to departure. Before embarking on sailings before September 13, passengers under the age of 12 must undergo another PCR test. All passengers of all ages, whether vaccinated or not, must undergo a test given by Inspire Diagnostics at the terminal before boarding on and after September 13.

As it navigates its way through the different regulations it must deal with from various countries, Disney Cruise Line has modified its return to service rules several times. It’s a problem that most cruise companies face on a daily basis, and it’s one that may force policy changes if Mexico follows through on its vaccination mandate entrance restrictions.

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

After the recent sinking of the Disney Wonder cruise ship on its way to the Western Caribbean, passengers were allowed to disembark with little fanfare. Rather than have the usual public announcement of the new restart date, Disney chose to have their public relations team quietly notify passengers by email, some of which were not certain about the situation. After all, the ship was some 2,000 miles away, so some passengers wondered if they had made the right decision to disembark.. Read more about disney cruise line and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my cruise be Cancelled in June 2021?

It is highly unlikely that your cruise will be cancelled in June of 2021.

Is Disney doing cruises in 2021?

Disney is not doing any cruises in 2021.

Are cruises Cancelled for January 2021?

No, cruises are not cancelled for January 2021.

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