Celebrity Edge-Class Ships to Sail in Europe in 2023

Celebrity Cruises has announced that it will launch a new class of cruise ships in Europe in 2023. The new ship, called the Edge Class, is aimed at millennials and features a digital concierge and an augmented reality experience.

The celebrity cruises is a cruise company that will be offering sailing in Europe in 2023.

Celebrity Cruises has announced its European sailing schedule for 2023, which will include all three of the new Edge-class ships: Celebrity Edge, Apex, and Beyond.

The Celebrity Silhouette, Constellation, Infinity, and Reflection will also join the Edge class in Europe. They will offer cruises ranging from four to thirteen nights in length, with more seven-night cruises than ever before.

In Flm, Norway, there is a Celebrity Apex (Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)

Celebrity Apex will set sail from Amsterdam on a nine-night cruise through the Norwegian fjords, stopping at Oslo, Flm, and other towns and cities along the Norwegian coast in a first-of-its-kind voyage.

With a brand-new 10-night cruise through Israel, Egypt, and the Mediterranean, Apex will be the first ship in the fleet to visit Egypt since 2012. It will include an overnight stay in Alexandria, where visitors will get the opportunity to explore the Mediterranean’s biggest city and see the historic Pyramids and Sphinx.

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egypt pyramids camel ride

Egypt’s Pyramids (Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)

The newest ship in the line, Celebrity Beyond, will return to Europe after her maiden season in 2022 to cruise the eastern Mediterranean from Rome. Beyond will include an enlarged Rooftop Garden, chef Daniel Boulud’s Le Voyage speciality restaurant, the Magic Carpet platform, The Retreat ship-within-a-ship complex, and a multi-level Sunset Bar.

The following are some of the highlights of Celebrity’s European season in 2023:

  • On a series of nine-night cruises departing from Lisbon, the Celebrity Infinity will travel through the best of Spain and Portugal.
  • Infinity, together with Celebrity Constellation, will sail from Athens, providing a choice of itineraries across Greece and the eastern Mediterranean.
  • Due to the ship’s late-night stays and stops at Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Rhodes, guests aboard the Celebrity Reflection will be treated to renowned Santorini sunsets.

Wifi, beverages, and gratuities are included in the cruise price on all Celebrity ships except those sailing to the Galapagos Islands.

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Celebrity Cruises is planning to offer its Celebrity Edge-Class Ships to Sail in Europe in 2023. The cruise will be offered from Barcelona, Spain. Reference: celebrity cruises 2022 mediterranean.

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The Celebrity Edge is currently docked in the Port of Miami, Florida.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Does celebrity cruises go to Europe?


What Celebrity ships are being refurbished?

Celebrity Refurbishment.

Where is the Celebrity Edge cruise ship right now?

The Celebrity Edge is currently docked in the Port of Miami, Florida.

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