Travel Advisors React to Sports Betting Being Added to Cruise Ships

As more cruise lines add sports betting, travel advisors are concerned about the impact on gambling addiction.

The royal caribbean sports betting is a new game that will be available on cruise ships. Royal Caribbean has said that the game will not affect the cruise experience and is meant to enhance it.

The announcement that Princess Cruises has become the first cruise company to effectively provide sports betting at sea has elicited mixed reactions from travel agencies.

The cruise line’s new Ocean Sportsbook real-time sports wagering experience is now accessible for all eligible guests as part of the Princess MedallionClass package, with the first bet placed this week aboard Majestic Princess.


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Guests will be able to gamble on major sporting events such as professional and collegiate football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, but they will not be allowed to wager on the NBA’s Miami Heat, since the team’s owner, Micky Arison, is also the chairman of Carnival Corp.

“Given the prevalence of sports betting, it only makes sense to offer people who love gambling but don’t really appreciate sitting in a casino a chance to win big, even at sea,” said Travel by John’s John Maddox.

When the Majestic Princess is in international seas or moored in a jurisdiction that permits gambling, passengers will have access to sports betting. Sports betting is booming in the United States, with more than $20 billion in wagers made in the last two years. By 2024, it’s projected to be worth more than $155 billion.

Travel experts are speaking out against the inevitable expansion of sportsbooks at sea, since the inclusion of sports betting to the cruise experience is likely to expand to other businesses.

“I believe that introducing any more kinds of entertainment for cruise guests to enjoy is a positive for the business,” said Jeremy Hall of Cruise Vacations International. “I don’t think sports betting has a detrimental impact on passengers since the bets seem to be made in the casino or on the app.” Many cruise guests like both gambling and watching sports aboard, so congratulations to those who discovered a method to combine the two.”

“I think sports betting is a great addition. “It gives the casino and the cruise ship experience a whole new dimension,” CruisePlanners’ Tom Hollembaek remarked. “People want to gamble on sports. It has a unique way of bringing visitors to the casino together. Sports betting should be available on all cruise liners.”

While most people are on board with the concept of sports betting at sea, Scott Lara of is worried about the effect on the family vacation.

“I’m worried about the family dynamic,” Lara added. “Adding sports betting to cruise ship entertainment may be lucrative.” “Will the addition of so many additional gamblers detract from the pure family fun?”

Carnival Cruise Lines has announced that sports betting will be added to their ships. Travel Advisors react to this news with mixed reactions. Reference: carnival news.

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