It’s Time To Restore Pre-Pandemic Airline Refund Policies

Airline companies have been using the excuse of “safety” to not refund customers after a flight was canceled or delayed. The airlines are now being forced to change their policies due to consumer complaints, but some still refuse.

The united airlines refund policy 2021 is a topic that has been trending on the internet for a while. United Airlines is set to release its new policies in 2020, but people are looking into their pre-pandemic policies.



It’s Time to Bring Back Airline Refund Policies From Before the Pandemic

on September 25, 2021 by Gary Leff

If you purchase a basic economy ticket, you are obligated to use it. There are no cancellations or refunds available. (However, Delta accepts adjustments to basic economy tickets until the end of 2021.)

Still, the removal of change costs on most other tickets leaving the United States on United Airlines and some of their international partners has helped. That’s a lot better.

Refunds, on the other hand, are much worse.

  • During the epidemic, several airlines stopped issuing reimbursements, even if your flight was canceled. This was obviously unlawful, but airlines like United and JetBlue determined that it was preferable to save money on the backs of their passengers than to risk a punishment. Most passengers eventually received refunds for cancelled flights, but the Department of Transportation is still investigating many airlines. Air Canada continues to deny responsibility as a bad actor.
  • Refunds have been limited by airlines as a result of policy changes. Whereas in the past, a one-hour flight change would have been sufficient for a refund, several airlines have changed their rules to demand four-hour adjustments.

When there is a substantial schedule change, the Department of Transportation demands reimbursements, although it does not define what significant implies.

  • With a two-hour schedule adjustment, Delta provides reimbursements.
  • United claims it would refund tickets if there is a “substantial schedule change” (as defined by the Department of Transportation), but it doesn’t specify what “major” implies. They seem to be providing refunds for two-hour alterations once again. Customers, on the other hand, should not be left in the dark.
  • When there is a four-hour schedule change, American provides reimbursements. It was one hour before the epidemic.
  • When there is a schedule modification of more than two hours, Jetblue provides reimbursements.

When an airline offers you an 8 a.m. ticket that gets you to your meeting on time, but it turns out to be a bait and switch – your flight is suddenly scheduled for 11:30 a.m. – you should be entitled to a refund, right? Instead of upholding their part of the agreement, the airline is providing something completely different.

@AmericanAir You moved my flight two hours earlier to a time when I won’t be able to travel since I’m still at work. I’d want a refund, but you’re not willing to do so. What a way to treat those of us in the healthcare field. @garyleff @TPG Alerts @OneMileataTime

September 23, 2021 — u (@MoetiaVA)

Sure, there may not be a change charge on your ticket. However, if American’s departure is now at 11:30 a.m., you may prefer a refund so that you may use the money to purchase Delta’s 7:30 a.m. trip. (United actually twisted the meaning of terms by claiming that flights are never canceled as long as a route is continuously served.) Customers are not considered “cancelled” if they are re-accommodated days later.)

Taxpayers provided $79 billion in direct assistance to airlines. Tax incentives, money to airports that benefitted airlines, and money to airline contractors are not included. The big US airlines are unlikely to face bankruptcy reorganization as a result of the epidemic.

“We gave them money; they owe us better policy,” I’m not disputing. I’m just saying that anti-customer practices based on self-preservation are no longer required. It’s past time to go back to pre-pandemic refund policies. A three-hour flight change implies that consumers are not getting what they paid for, and travellers should be entitled to a refund.

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United Airlines is no longer offering refunds for flights cancelled by the airline. This means that if you have a flight booked and then it gets cancelled, you will not be able to get your money back. Reference: united airlines covid test requirements.

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