Norwegian Cruise Line Informs Guests on Requirements for Bermuda Sailings

Norwegian Cruise Line has updated its Bermuda sailings requirements for guests on board the Oasis of the Seas. The cruise line is now requiring that all passengers have a valid passport and a return or onward ticket to their home country.

Norwegian Cruise Line Informs Guests on Requirements for Bermuda Sailings. The when is norwegian sailing again is a blog post from Norwegian Cruise Line that informs guests of requirements for Bermuda sailings.

Guests traveling from New York City to Bermuda aboard Norwegian Breakaway in the coming weeks will face one additional obstacle before embarking on their trip. This month, the cruise company announced additional procedures, including extra testing and a fee for registering with the Bermuda tourist department.

Remember that these procedures are a Bermuda requirement, not a Norwegian Cruise Line obligation.

96-Hour PCR Testing Prior to Departure

All cruise ship passengers entering Bermuda must undergo a COVID-19 PCR test within 96 hours of their departure. This test is in addition to the other tests that Norwegian Cruise Line needs, and a letter with the information has already been sent out to travel agencies and passengers.

Guests should register on the Bermuda Tourism website after taking the PCR test. Within 72 hours after sailing, the negative PCR test result should be submitted to the Bermuda Tourism website. 

But that’s not all. Guests must additionally pay $75 for each person in their travel group when they register. As a result, a family of four sailing aboard Norwegian Breakaway will be charged an extra $300 by Bermuda officials.

Norwegian Cruise Line in BermudaPhoto credit: Manoj Jethani

The entries will be evaluated once registration and payment have been completed. Guests will be given a travel authorization number if they are approved, which they must show at the airport before boarding.

As part of the Bermuda pre-arrival procedures, visitors will get an Antigen test and be asked to take an additional PCR swab test once they are at the terminal. The results will be processed by an outside lab the next day, and the results will be delivered to the ship the next day.

Before the voyage, guests are invited to register with Norwegian Cruise Line’s testing partner Eurofins to expedite the COVID testing procedure within the terminal. Norwegian also advises passengers to arrive at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal on time to prevent being turned away. They must provide evidence of immunization, a Bermuda travel permission, and their passports.

Different Rules for Different Destinations

NCL’s new procedures are just another illustration of how the vast differences in travel and entrance regulations in place throughout the globe have had a significant impact on cruise companies.

The Bahamas and the US Virgin Islands altered their procedures a few weeks ago, prompting most cruise companies to convert to fully vaccinated voyages exclusively, with a few exceptions. Until recently, the United Kingdom had a prohibition on foreign cruises, and the CDC’s numerous reforms in the United States have been widely chronicled.

Due to the cruise line’s 100 percent vaccination mandate, which has always been part of the cruise line’s procedures, Norwegian Cruise Line has managed to keep its onboard regulations same, or only make small adjustments.

Norwegian Breakaway in New YorkBreakaway from Norway in New York (Photo credit:

At the absolute least, it implies that visitors will be able to relax and enjoy their holiday. With 100 percent of passengers properly vaccinated and tested three times at least two weeks before the trip, the odds of contracting COVID-19 are slim to none.

On September 26, the 3,963-passenger Norwegian Breakaway resumed service from New York, becoming the first ship in the fleet to do so. The visitors may expect a cruise with all outlets completely operational, no social distancing needed, no masks required, and all buffets, restaurants, and bars operating as normal.


The new procedures are only in effect during the vessel’s six Bermuda trips. After that, on November 7, the ship will relocate to New Orleans. The ship will set sail from New Orleans on an itinerary that includes stops in Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Honduras, and Costa Maya, Mexico, and will follow Norwegian Cruise Line’s standard health and safety protocols.

Norwegian Breakaway in Bermuda

Norwegian Cruise Line has informed guests on their requirements for Bermuda sailings. The company advises that all passengers must have a passport with at least 6 months of validity and proof of return/onward travel to the United States. Reference: norwegian cruise line news.

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